Live By The Sea – Pricing Guide

We are now also creating video clips for your socials! These are filmed with a gimbal (steady cam) on the brand new iPhone 15 PRO.

12 – 15 iPhone Clips in HD$95.00 and in 4K$145.00

25 – 35 iPhone Clips in HD$175.00 and in 4K$245.00

This is our guide to pricing for a variety of shoots. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your specific requirements.





Studio/ 1-2 rooms


20-25 images supplied *





3-4 rooms


35-45 images supplied *





large property/commercial


50-60 images supplied *





multiple locations


70-90 images supplied *

  1. All images are provided in both web (longest edge 1920px unless otherwise requested) and high-resolution jpg format
  2. All images will be provided to the client within 6-8 working days of the shoot taking place. It is up to the client to SAVE and BACK UP all files once delivered
  3. If the shoot does run over the allocated time by over 30 minutes, there will be an additional charge calculated at a per half/hour rate
  4. All images remain the property of the photographer with the client having infinite license to use them for their own company’s marketing purposes. We ask you to please use image credits: For websites, print media and Facebook use Live by the Sea Photography. For Instagram posts use @Live_bytheSea
  5. Travel is additional and charged at a flat rate of 0.90c per km
  6. Upon completion of post-production, (retouching and photo enhancement) all images will be delivered to your chosen email address via a downloadable Dropbox link or your chosen folder and software
  7. Any larger scale Photoshop requests that are above and beyond the general retouching and photo enhancement (small tasks = no charge) will incur a post-processing fee of $150.00 per hour
  8. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours before the booked shoot date will incur a cancellation fee of $100.00 There will be NO cancellation fee due to weather circumstances or a Covid-19 related situation
  9. Should the client receive a request from another party for the use of any images that are the property of Live by the Sea, there will be a charge for the Web versions of $25.00 per image, 5 for $100.00 or 10 for $180.00. High-Resolution images are $50.00 each, 5 for $200.00 or 10 for $350.00. It’s advised that the client provides the contact details of Live by the Sea for the appropriation of images – Point 4 still applies
* Approximate quantity of images supplied per shoot