Art for Business

Art for Business fulfills many important needs. People spend so much time in their work environment, they need to feel cared for – to provide a link between office and home.

Photographic Art has that wonderful ability to stimulate and inspire not only your team but  your clients as well. It cuts stress, raises productivity and creative thinking AND it’s just so awesome to look at and enjoy. Pretty cool huh!

Many of our clients make their Art for Business choices purely for Art’s sake. Some for a specific colour scheme… others to highlight the beautiful area where they’re located. The choice is YOURS.


Getting Started

Step 1/ Peruse our extensive Art galleries. If it’s a certain location you’re after, we have a list of places we have photographed at the bottom of this page. Just click on the location and have a look!

Step 2/ Once you have chosen your image (we know it’s not easy!) Hover over the image and note down the unique image code on the bottom left of the photo.

Step 3/ Contact or call on 0416 035 363 to let us know which image, framing option and size you have chosen.


Digital File Only

If it is simply the hi res digital file you are after, just note down the image code (Step 2/)

Our pricing structure is 2 tiered when purchasing a digital file.

$400.00 with our Live by the Sea logo subtly watermarked in the lower corner of the image. (See example below with Paul standing proud)

$500 without our logo watermarked.


Custom Installations

Because there are SO many places to capture AND ideas to represent, we are of course always available for custom installations. We would LOVE to hear from you and it would be a pleasure to put a custom quote together for you and your business.












Northern Beaches Locations

Palm Beach

Whale Beach



Mona Vale





Eastern Beaches Locations



Our Fine Art Picks

Fine Art